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Blackboard Menus

photo by Len DePas

One of the cornerstones of Pesce are the Blackboard Menus. Our menus are handwritten each day and presented table side on blackboards. Through our “living and breathing” menus, we can better share our food and knowledge with our guests. Seasonal changes are the only constant in regards to aquaculture. The use of the time honored chalk board enables Pesce to keep up with the ever changing tides.

The Blackboard Menu allows us to be spontaneous. Our menu will always have the favorites our regulars love but, the joy of Pesce is how quickly we can add fresh, new and exciting dishes to our offerings. Sometimes these additions are meticulously planned and sometimes these ad hoc additions are a result of what is fresh and available that very day.

One never knows what you'll discover at the market the day of. This is not only an extension of today's farm-to-table sensibility but, a luxury we afford ourselves so we can share the very best ingredients with our patrons.

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