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Pesce Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Pesce was established 23 years ago in the Dupont Circle area of Washington, DC with one mission statement. Simply Prepared, High Quality Seafood.

Founded by Jean Louis Palladin and Roberto Donna Pesce was built upon this simple ethos. The restaurant has weathered politics, changes in dining tastes, and shifts in aquaculture.

After the passing of Jean Louis and exit of Chef Donna, Regine Palladin's firm hand allowed Pesce to thrive. Her superior palate and love of interesting, well prepared and sourced seafood sustained Pesce’s high standards.


One of the cornerstones of Pesce are the Blackboard Menus. Our menus are handwritten each day and presented table side on blackboards. Through our “living and breathing” menus, we can better share our food and knowledge with our guests.

Seasonal changes are the only constant in regards to aquaculture. The use of the time honored chalk board enables Pesce to keep up with the ever changing tides.


Pesce has always been a proving ground for up and coming chefs. The men and women who donned the toque at Pesce include European as well as American chefs. This contrast of cultures and the changing of the guard is integral to Pesce's longevity. We've always been able to provide a perspective to the diner that is as fresh as its catch. Standing tall in the middle of it all is “Madam” Palladin.


Chef Andrew LaPorta has helmed the kitchen for the last two years. LaPorta originally joined as a temporary fit after the departure of a previous chef.

Coming from an extensive meat centered background, transitioning to seafood was daunting — at first. LaPorta found working with fish fostered growth and nuance in his cooking style. The key to seafood is to not overpower or detract from the natural essence and flavors. After finding his footing, and a kindred spirit in Regine, the seafood is consistent and as excellent as Pesce's reputation.

Mr. LaPorta is a self described "Diplo-Brat" who has had the opportunity to interact, eat and live in many cultures. His life and travels span from Southeast Asia to the Americas and many points between. It is this confluence of flavors and cooking that Mr. LaPorta has worked hard to translate and integrate into his simple but, elegant style. Flavor comes first.


As of January 1, 2017, Mr. LaPorta has purchased Pesce from Ms. Palladin. The core ethos that has brought Pesce success will not be changing. Mr. LaPorta is honored to be assuming the mantle that Ms. Palladin has worked so hard to maintain. Attention to detail, new and exciting products for our guests will always be on the menu at Pesce.

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