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Chef Andrew LaPorta

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Chef Andrew LaPorta has helmed the kitchen at Pesce for the last two years. A self described "Diplo-Brat" who has had the opportunity to interact, eat and live in many cultures. His life and travels span from Southeast Asia to the Americas and many points between. It is this confluence of flavors and cooking that Mr. LaPorta has worked hard to translate and integrate into his simple but, elegant style. Flavor comes first.

Life Before Pesce

Armed with a set of knives, Andrew leveraged his diverse background into a proficiency for classical cooking. He has since mastered the techniques of Italian, Spanish, French, American, Vietnamese and Indonesian cuisines.

He worked his way up the ranks at many of Washington DC's finest Kitchens (it is easier to say where he hasn't worked) all the way to Executive Chef and Proprietor, here at Pesce. His travels, through the kitchens of the world, include tours of duty at notable establishments such as Russia House & Biergarten Haus, the properties of Black's Restaurant Group, Fillomena, Palena, 1789 Restaurant, Mon Ami Gabi and the International Monetary Fund. (Just to name a few.)

These days he's happiest mentoring talent, cooking and running Pesce, and Carrying on the Tradition of Excellence that Pesce holds dear.

He's a firm believer in the infamous misquote, "Time Is Important, Lunch Time Doubly So."

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